Jan 10, 2016
Rick Beck
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Its a record! Today we aspirated 30 eggs (oocytes) from the ovaries of a single mare. The most we previously collected was 28. These eggs were sent to Oregon Health & Sciences University for research on equine ICSI.

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August 31, 2015
'Darco x Elegance B (Simsalabim/Non-Stop/Darco)'
'1 hour old here'
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Our last Darco ICSI colt for 2015 has arrived! Recipient mare Holly just popped him out in one minute, with no sweating or labour pains! She just laid down at 6 in the afternoon and suddenly the whole foal shot out.

August 20, 2015

The first Fame VF baby born in 5 years. He’s a colt out of a Barbary daughter (Eternally Barbary) out of an *Eter daughter. He was conceived using the ICSI procedure on the first try last year. His dam was 21 years old at the time. Many thanks to Dr. Beck and the staff at In Foal, Inc. In Hemet, CA.

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 August 15, 2015

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'Darco x Elegance B (Simsalabim/Non-Stop) Our ICSI colt.'
'Darco x Elegance B (simsalabim/Non-Stop)'

Darco cuteness!! Playing with Madeline and our Darco ICSI colt who is 2 1/2 months old now!Like   Comment  

August 10, 2015

Now that I have both Miss-Cleopatra and her lovely recip home – it’s become so much more real. From beyond exciting and somewhat surreal little black dot photos, to it being completely tangible with a recip who visibly has a small belly starting. Feeling so incredibly blessed. For those that know me well, and my being blessed with black horses – it’s an incredible irony and sign that this was meant to be, that Miss-Cleo’s recip is a stunning black 5 year old mare! Photos to come.

Another huge thank you to Dr. Rick Beck and team at InFoal, Inc. for their great care of Cleo and for making a dream come true! Cleo was sure not looking or feeling 21 when I picked her up, a true testament of the amazing care she recieved.

Big thank you to Robin for the wonderful hospitality for the girls and the great visit!

Also thank you to Hidden Pearl Farm for the opportunity to purchase Baloubet semen which made this match possible.

'Baloubet du Rouet'
'Miss-Cleopatra (sport/keur) after achieving her KEUR status at the fine age of 19. Testament to her quality and her soundness!'
SunShine Meadows added 2 new photoscelebrating a Baloubet du Rouet x Miss-Cleopatra (sport/keur) pregnancy!

We have fetal sexed this amazing foal, and it is a colt. Cleo foals are not common and are certainly a treasure. Won’t be in a hurry to let this one go, but as I’ve retained the half brother Garrick SSM (cover photo) and will be trying for a full sibling – hopefully a filly – next year, I’ll be offering this sensational colt to a top show home.

For more information on our sensational retired GP mare, Miss-Cleopatra, please visit our website http://www.ssmeadows.com/misscleopatra.html

August 6, 2015
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This is a cool picture, sent to us by the ranch owner, of 5 recipient mares from InFoal, Inc. They are all pregnant with embryos from some very valuable Arabian mares. Only a coincidence, all the recipients were black!!

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August 1. 2015
Congratulations to Lynn Puana, of Kamuala, Hawaii on the birth 2 hours ago of a beautiful ICSI foal from an egg collected from her great mare Allison injected with a sperm cell from the famous Warmblood jumper Baloubet du Rouet.  Allison came to us from Hawaii, the greatest distance any mare has traveled for the ICSI procedure.  We produced a second foal from the same genetic combination this year.
July 26,2015

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Our Darco ICSI colt, we lovingly call Monkey at 6 weeks! Having lots of fun playing with him! He is so sweet!
(Darco X Elegance B/Simsalabim/Non-Stop)

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July 22. 2015


2 week old buckskin filly by Fire Water Flit out of Fames Magic (stakes mare by dash Ta fame that’s won nearly 50k on the track)

— with Erin Chrisman Goings and Vickie Adams.

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July 14, 2015

Officially our lovely Baloubet du Rouet x Miss Cleopatra (sport/keur) has made it to 45 days! heart emoticon

Thank you InFoal Inc!

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July 9,2015

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Our newborn Darco colt is 27 years younger than our “elite” BWP Darco daughter Mistery!! This amazing ICSI technology allows us to produce foals from a stallion that has been deceased 9 years!

'The legendary Darco, deceased in 2006. You can still produce a custom foal from him via ICSI. Contact SE Farm at rsullivanse@gmail.com for details.'
'Darco colt born June 2015 via ICSI to a Simsalabin/Non-Stop mare.'
'SE Farm owned "Elite" BWP Darco mare, Mistery. She is the dam of Darco's LegacySE, For His GlorySE (For Pleasure/Darco) and For his PleasureSE (For Pleasure/Darco) All born via ICSI.'





July 7, 2015

Couldn’t wait any longer to announce the sire of Miss-Cleo’s 2016 sensational jumper foal. Go read who it is!

This would not be possible without the amazing Dr. Rick Beck and team at InFoal, Inc.! Cannot recommend and thank them enough smile emoticon!

'The one and only Baloubet du Rouet!'
'40 day Baloubet du Rouet x Miss-Cleopatra sport/keur embryo!'
'Miss-Cleopatra sport/keur - our extremely special mare!'

Far too excited to wait any longer to announce Miss-Cleo’s sensational 2016 foal – so we’re doing it at day 40. Knock on wood we are fairly safe in the pregnancy at this point.

I cannot thank Dr. Rick Beck and his team at InFoal, Inc. enough! It is a dream come true to have another special Cleo foal on the way, to have it be from such a TOP sire is icing on the cake and could not have been done without the diligent efforts of Dr. Beck! When taking Cleo to California, I was cautiously optomistic due to her age (21!). Dr. Beck managed to achieve a pregnancy, which has thankfully stuck in their lovely recipient mare, with only 2 asiprations! I was blown away at how quickly Dr. Beck was able to be successful – a testament to how amazing he is at this procedure and also how well the horses are cared for. If you’re considering ICSI in the future, HIGHLY reccommend Dr. Beck and his team – the communication and service is bar none the best. I truly couldn’t be happier! THANK YOU!

Now, without further ado, we are over the moon pleased to announce that we are expecting a BALOUBET DU ROUET x Miss-Cleopatra sport/keur foal for 2016!!!! A filly will be retained but a colt may be for sale to a very special, top show home. This may be the longest wait we’ve ever had for a foal! But the 4 year wait without a special Cleo foal is going to be so worth it!

 June 30, 2015
'Darco ICSI colt 2 weeks old.''Darco x Elegance B-Colt born via the ICSI process to a surrogate mare.''Darco colt born via the ICSI process. ICSI procedure done by Dr. Richard Beck DVM. Contact Rose Sullivan to create your own custom Darco foal. 805-551-6336.'
'Darco x Elegance B (Simsalabim/Non-Stop) Born via the ICSI process to recipient mare Carmen. Create your own custom Darco foal. Contact SE Farm or Rose Sullivan @ 805-551-6336.'

Our DARCO (Darco x Elegance B/Simsalabim/Non-Stop) ICSI colt at 2 weeks old. Playing in the pasture with his recipient mare mom, Carmen.



June 22,2015

Maile de Goeij shared SunShine Meadows‘s photofeeling blessed.

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What an amazing week this is shaping up to be, and it’s only Monday morning! Feel like I should be buying a lotto ticket (or at least checking old ones!).

Colossal thank you to Dr. Rick Beck and his team at InFoal, Inc. – just got this photo from Dr. Beck. Miss-Cleopatra’s very special embryo has now made it to 25 days in a recipient mare and has a heartbeat! Garrick SSM will, knock on wood, have a half brother or sister for 2016 and I’m just thrilled! Only 20 more days until I announce the sire of this super super special baby.

If you’re considering ICSI, Dr. Beck is truly phenomenal – from keeping you 100% in the loop with what’s happening to answering questions. His staff are also amazing and always willing to help. Some of the best (if not THE best) service I have ever had from a veterinary clinic and has made a daunting proccess so much less stressful. I cannot say enough good things and it is certainly more than worth the drive! Only regret is not doing this sooner!!



June 12,2015

“We have a confirmed Darco ICSI 45 day pregnancy!! Congratulations to our client Annette on her Darco custom foal out of our premium BWP Liostro/Sabotage mare, Persapolis. And thank you to Dr. Beck from In Foal Inc. for another successful ICSI pregnancy!” Rose Sullivan



June 9, 2015

Congratulations to Maile de Goeij on the pregnancy of a recipient mare with an ICSI embryo from her mare Cleo.

“Got the very BEST news this morning – I hate to jinx myself, but too excited not to share! After a 4 year wait, we have another Miss-Cleopatra (sport/keur) foal on the way!! Just over the moon with this news and praying the recip continues to hold onto the pregnancy. What a first little black dot of the season this is! Will announce the sire once the recip makes it safely past 45 days. But this is going to be a really, really special foal. Words cannot express how excited I am for this, the first little black dot, of the season! It’s been a long wait, but I promise it will be 100% worth it. The most beautiful sight I may have ever seen!

Huge THANK YOU to Dr. Beck and staff at InFoal, Inc., for making the dream of another special Cleo foal possible. And to Chad for blessing me with the opportunity to own this amazing mare.”

SunShine Meadows's photo.
SunShine Meadows's photo.

Our Darco ICSI colt born 3am. Darco x Elegance B (Simsalabim/Nonstop)

Thanks Dr. Beck for making this happen! Your’re the best!






Congratulations to “Play Like Clay”, a 2000 sorrel mare by Freckles Playboy, we have just transferred her EIGHTH ICSI embryo this year. She now has recipients pregnant with Highbrow Cat, Dual Rey, Highbrow CD(2), Little Jazzarey, Metallic CD, Metalic Cat, and FireWater Flit!!



High Brow Cat arrives in California!! We now are performing ICSI with semen from the legend. HIgh Brow Cat is the all time leading sire of performance horses, his offspring have won over 64 million dollars in 5 disciplines. He has produced 14 AQHA Champions. We are proud to represent Darron Blanton, owner, and HIgh Brow Cat for the 2015 breeding season.



Congratulations to Paul Jones on the birth of Foose’s full sister, an ICSI filly out of Summertime Quickie injected with a sperm cell from Stel Corona last year. We have two more recipient mares pregnant this year with full siblings from the ICSI process.