• (Will be referred to as Mare/Embryo Owner for purposes of this agreement)
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    (Agreement will terminate at the end of that calendar year)
  • This service agreement is between InFoal, Inc (IF) and Mare/Embryo Owner.

  • Mare owner will be responsible for all Stallion fees, airport and courier fees for semen if necessary. All stallions must have a current EVA negative status (equine viral arteritis).

    Mare owner is responsible for board:

    1. $15.00/day for the donor mare – includes alfalfa hay, 12x16 wire pen and shavings
    2. Recipient mare board after 45 days $15.00/day, if progesterone supplementation is necessary, it will be an additional $5.00/day
    3. Other medical expenses, such as special diet, blanketing, turn outs, etc. will be charged extra.

    In Foal will provide all services for ICSI:

    1. cycle fee
    2. all palpations
    3. oocyte aspiration
    4. sperm injection
    5. embryo culture
    6. embryo transfer
    7. pregnancy exam
    8. board & progesterone supplement from day 12 to day 45

    The fee of $10,000 for each resulting pregnancy will be due in 2 payments.The first payment of $5,000 is due when the recipient mare is 12 days pregnant. The second payment of $5,000 occurs when the recipient is 45 days pregnant. A $1000 recipient mare deposit will also be due on day 45 and will be refunded upon the return of the recipient mare. No Exceptions. The deposit will be returned only if the recipient mare is in good health and reproductively sound.

  • A credit card authorization form will be on file with our office, which will allow IF to charge these payments to the mare owners credit card. All overdue accounts will be charged 1 ½ % interest per month.

  • Until there is a pregnancy, only donor mare board will be charged. If the recipient mare loses the foal between 12 and 45 days, the first $5000.00 payment will be refunded.

    Recipient mare must be kept on Regumate for 120 days at owner’s expense.

    Information (photos) of embryos may be used on InFoalinc.com website. Would you like your information to be Public (for others to see) or Private (password protected)?

  • Mortality insurance on the pregnancy is strongly recommended. This is available through a separate commercial carrier.

    Recipient mares remain the property of IF, and will be returned in good condition after the foal is weaned. If recip mare is not returned in a timely manner, or should die, an additional $1500 will be charged.

    Mare/Embryo owner hereby releases and shall indemnify and hold IF harmless from any claim for any disease, injury or death to the owner, owners family, employees, property, donor mare, pregnant recipient mare and/or in utero fetus arising from any undertaking by IF under the terms of this provision.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY