Embryo Transfer

The national average recovery rate for embryo flushes is between 55 and 60%. Last year, of the embryos we flushed and those sent to us by others, our pregnancy rate was 83%. By 45 days gestation, which is when we sent them home, about 10% had lost their pregnancy. Therefore, about 70- 75% of the embryos recovered resulted in a pregnant recipient that goes home at 45 days.

There are multiple ovulations much of the time. This increases the chances of at least one and many times more than one embryo recovery. These embryos are all transferred.

The recipient mares are checked for pregnancy at 12, 15, 20, 25,30,35,40, &45 days. We keep them on progesterone supplementation the whole time and recommend that you keep them on Regumate until 120 days.