Sperm Capture – SEE VIDEO

One of the great advantages for ICSI is the ability to utilize poor quality semen or very rare semen. There is frozen semen available from many dead stallions that were great producers but may only be a few doses left. With ICSI, one straw of frozen semen, which usually contains about 100 million sperm cells can be thawed, diluted and refrozen. Then used one cell at a time, can breed many, many thousands of mares!!

Additionally, semen from old or infertile stallions, that has very few live sperm cells in a ejaculate, can be used to inject oocytes.

The process of capturing one sperm cell involves washing the sperm sample by multiple centrifugation, then placing a 3 microliter sample in a droplet of PVP a very thick media that slows them down to allow catching them!